Monday, January 23, 2006

Zagwin - Upper Minóy

These are four tapes featuring John Wiggins who is the Sound Supervisor for Home Box Office in NYC. Wig has a grasp on the world of sound like no other artist recording today. Subtle and thoughtful interplay of electronics and manipulated sound sources are his trademarks, yet each recording he sends is richly rewarding for its precarious balance of tone, timbre and pacing. (Wig also appears on the AIR series among others).

Upper Minóy is a work completed in June 1990 and it features a long and lush piece by John which incorporates my vocal excursions from "Minóy Mantra." It melds into his work surprisingly well. This was recorded in 1988. To finish this tape I made a four track recording using "Fresh Wig" (brand new sound sources from 5/90) and "Minóy Guitar Sources" (from 4/90). The recording is beautifully haunting.

Wig Opus I

Wig Opus combines various source sounds and unfinished recordings that he has sent me since 1984. The result is an interweaving of different stages of John's continuing development. Volume three adds music and sounds from Tuf to the mix.

Wig Opus II

Wig Opus III w/ Tuf